Lindsey & Rich Wedding – St Helen’s & Kings Hotel Chipping Campden

Driving up from my home near Bath to Clifford Chambers in the Cotswolds I felt a mixture of anxious excitement. I had a bag full of my camera equipment in the boot of the car and a step ladder balancing on the back seat. I was traveling to my first official wedding photography job! As you know I’ve been building up to this day with training and assisting other photographers but today was the day to go it alone. I couldn’t have wished for a better couple to hire me first, Lindsey and Rich made it feel so easy to be their Wedding Photographer; everything felt relaxed and with so much colour and attention to detail that I was always smiling behind my camera the whole day.

I arrived a little early at St Helen’s Church to get a feel for the place and was greeted by my friend Sam Eason who was going to sing during the ceremony and needed to set up. Soon enough Rich arrived and guests began to arrive also. Everything was set for a beautiful day – beautiful weather, beautiful church, beautiful bunting… beautiful everything!

Everyone was ushered inside and Lindsey and her father arrived in the, well there’s no other word for it, cool Karma Kars Indian Ambassador car. Her dress made by Alexandra King was just amazing and I couldn’t stop wanting to photograph Lindsey in it.

Following a very personal ceremony with singing from the carol majesty of Sam and his wife Beth we headed over to the Kings Hotel in Chipping Campden for drinks and balloons. A very filling wedding breakfast and hiliarious speeches followed, I don’t think I’ve heard of a more romantic engagement proposal :) Oh and a Birthday cake for Sam for obvious reasons…

So much fun was had that I think it’s best if the photos below tell the story… Enjoy :)

Thank you so much Lindsey and Rich for having the faith and confidence in me to take your wedding photographs. It has meant so much and I can’t thank you enough :)

Take care


“Personally Speaking…” Chapter 9 – A New Life is Born

It’s been a long time since I last blogged and there’s been a reason for that. I think the photo below speaks more than my words:

Baby Verity1

This was taken in April 2012 when we discovered Emma was pregnant, it seems like a lifetime ago now and so much has happened since then. All the preparation for our new life as a family has occupied most of my time and my photography had to take a back seat for a while. We’re all back on track now though and I have a beautiful subject to practise on :) Anyway enough babbling and lets get down to the tale I wanted to tell. Our daughters birth. Not one to shy away from recording our special moments together I brought my camera along when Emma went into hospital. Don’t worry, I wasn’t there to photograph the grizly moments or leave Emma without any help; I held her hand and even held her up when she needed me and did all I could do to help; I photographed only when things were quiet and I wasn’t needed. I wanted to capture the mood and the memories of the birth in whatever way they came. However it wasn’t the mad rush to the hospital that I was expecting, nothing cliched like that, in fact it was a very slow build up and there was a lot of waiting around once Emma had been admitted, which was a whole 2 days before our little girl was born! I won’t go into the details of why Emma was admitted so early but needless to say we were all very anxious for things to progress.

baby verity birth

And progress they did; Emma was admitted on the Monday and at around 4am the next morning she was in labour. I wasn’t allowed to stay at the hospital and was limited to visiting hours, so I leapt out of bed and started getting ready. I then got a text from Em telling me that they (“they” being the midwives) didn’t want me to come in. This I thought rather strange, but reluctantly I went back to bed, though I didn’t sleep well. When I arrived in the morning she was fine and was clearly not in labour. Apparently she was in “latent labour” . Well that was progress I thought :) Boyd by the news I stayed by Em’s side patiently waiting, and waiting, and waiting. I must have looked out at the view over Bristol a thousand times and became fascinated by the cranes building a new ward block onto the Bristol Royal Infirmary. Finally though the night came and it all started…
view over bristol

baby verity born 2

baby verity born 3

baby verity born 4

baby verity born 5

baby verity born 6

baby verity born 7

baby verity born 8

baby verity born 9

baby verity born 10

baby verity born 11

baby verity born 12

baby verity born 13

baby verity born 14

baby verity born 15

baby verity born 16

baby verity born 17

Introducing Verity Scull-Brown :)

baby verity born 19

baby verity born 20

I hope you like my little post. We are so happy that she’s arrived with us and we are looking forward to our new life together.

Happy New Year!


“Building up a business” Chapter 9 – Love Luxe Blog Launch

Nervous, and with my trusty camera bag slung over my shoulder, I stepped through the Constitution Hill entrance of Goldney Hall in Clifton, Bristol. I was met by a queue of fellow photographers waiting to sign in. Today (Wednesday 8th August) was the launch event for the LoveLuxe Blog, a blog dedicated to showcasing wedding and party styling written by Rosie Parsons, and I had been invited! Brilliant! It was an opportunity to network with some of the best wedding photographers in the country and understandbly I was nervous as hell. When I reached the front of the queue I was met by Marie Man and Caroline Alexander who were signing people in; both wedding photographers and both brilliant people. Neither of them recognised me at first, which I wasn’t expecting them to, but when I signed my name Caroline said “Oh, you’re Adam Scull, I didn’t know you wore glasses?” :) I was happy with that. Someone knew who I was. It was the order of the day for me really; I knew people’s names from Twitter and blogs but never really knew what they looked like. Thank goodness we all were wearing name badges! Feeling a bit better but still a bit nervous I rounded the corner and made my way towards the gardens. I was greeted by Rosie Parsons who welcomed me to the event with a smile and on I went into the gardens. I made a bee line to the drinks bar hosted by Fosters Event Catering to settle into an Ice Tea. It was then that I suddenly realised I was the only gentleman there! Soon enough though others began to arrive and I wasn’t so outnumbered! Before I knew it I was into the swing of things and meeting some really great photographers and stylists. It was great to see Ashlee Taylor from Taylor Barnes Photography again after 2nd shooting for her back in June, and my own wedding photographer Albert Palmer, it was good to catch up with him too. Special thanks has to go to Owen Warrell from O&C Photography for speaking to me while I was looking rather lost at the beginning and offering me some great advice. I had a fantastic time and even managed to photograph some details and models too. The full list of suppliers from the day can be found here: Launch Party Suppliers. Please check them out as they truly are talented people.
Wedding FlowersWedding WonderlandVintage Mopeds at Wedding ShootWedding Bouquet on BenchSweets Table at WeddingBirthday Party Table DecorationsClassic Wedding Table StylingColurful Wedding TableVintage Wedding TableMr and Mrs Table DecorationsRustic Wedding Table DecorationsLove1930's Vintage Bride1920's Vintage BrideVintage BridesStyled Vintage Wedding ShootStyled Bridal ShootVintage Wedding Stylings
Special thanks as well to Caroline and Lizzy of Lizzy-May Photography for the “Stand the Bottle” game, that was silly-fun :)
Goldney Hall Gardens
Goldney Hall Weddings

Well hope you liked my little post from my day out at Goldney Hall :) I certainly had a great time.

Take care,


“Building up a business” Chapter 8 – Sam Eason Music

It was warm, sunny with a few whisps of cloud in the sky. I had my rucksack slung over my shoulder and I was trudging up a hill just outside Bath to take photographs. This wasn’t a photo-walk or even just a walk I was about to take part in my first photo session outside for my friend Sam Eason. He was walking up ahead of me wearing a blues brothers style black suit carrying his trusty guitar in its case. I was hot so he must have been sweltering underneath that suit but he looked cool and relaxed as he always does when he’s got his guitar close at hand. Sam is a singer songwriter from Bath and I’ve been lucky enough to know him for many years. I’ve seen him play more times than I can count; from my local pub, a friends 30th Birthday, and numerous other venues across Bristol and Bath, including a headline set at the Fleece, and he’s never disappointed. Check out some of his stuff on youtube and I assure you you won’t be disappointed either. So when he asked me to shoot some photos for his website I jumped at the chance and when he said there were some fields just outside Bath he wanted to use, I jumped even higher. I love fields; fields are great! So we reached the top of the hill and were presented with a wonderful view of Bath. I unslung my camera bag and started setting up for the shoot.

Walking with Guitar Sam Eason

No sooner had I taken the shots above that we heard a thud, a whince and a little baby cry. Two people had appeared from a path leading further up the hill, one of them a young gentleman carrying his baby in a sling like contraption (not really sure what you call it) around his front while trying to help his poor mother (the babies grandmother) off the ground. It turned out she had twisted her ankle further up the hill and they were trying to get back to their car. She had unfortunately slipped again just as they were joining our path. Sam sprung into action. A red haired hero if you will. We abandoned our photoshoot momentarily to help the lady down the hill while her son and grandchild went ahead to get their car. You see as well as a bearded singing man Sam is a true gent and one of the nicest people you can meet. So if you fall over in front of him, he will pick you up and carry you to your car or other form of transport. Oh, before I forget, and whaffle further, Sam is expanding his vocation into the world of Wedding Singing. What a treat! With his skills and his all round gentlemanlyness you won’t find a better Wedding Singer this side of Neptune. Check out his website if you don’t believe me, it’s got some lovely pics :) Anyway, as quick as you can say “Cliches are Cliches” we were back up the hill singing along with the birds and we had a great time; and that’s the truth cos the truth never lies:

Blue Skies Sam Eason
Singer in a field
Sam in front of Kelston
Kelston Round Top Singer
Singer in the woods

If you want to see more of Mr Eason then get along to the Crown and Horseshoe in Oldland Common on the first or third Friday of the month for an Open Mic Night. Of course if you can play an instrument or even sing Sam would love to hear from you as there are slots for artists on these nights.

Take care,


“Personally Speaking…” Chapter 8 – Sarah & Toby Get Married

Descending from Bath towards Limpley Stoke I caught a glimpse of the Hotel set into the side of the hill opposite, the sun made a brief appearance and shone on the building. I then knew it was going to be a special day. Em and I were on our way to Sarah and Toby’s wedding (another set of “friends in laws“) at Limpley Stoke Hotel. We were giving our friends Topsy and Natalie a lift and we were trying to figure out what Sarah’s dress was going to look like. Needless to say we were all very excited to see it. I was also looking forward to capturing their wedding day and celebrating with a few drinks :) I was also looking forward to Toby’s speech, which didn’t disappoint! Once we arrived we were met by our friends and started on the champagne. It didn’t take long for me to start snapping away with my camera and try to capture the story of the day. Hopefully I managed to capture a small part of this big day:

Guests at Limpley Stoke HotelGroom waitingWedding at Limpley Stoke HotelWedding CeremonyReadings at WeddingSaying VowsExchanging ringsKiss the brideSmileyWedding Limpley Stoke HotelFun FormalsBride & BridemaidsHarpist at WeddingRock at a weddingConfettiSarah & Toby WeddingLimpley Stoke Hotel WeddingBride & Groom Limpley Stoke HotelHannah SmilingWedding BreakfastGrooms SpeechBridesmaid SpeechCutting the cakeAll the girlsFirst dance Limpley Stoke HotelFirst Dance WeddingFire Display at wedding

Glückwünsche (I hope I’ve got that right) Sarah & Toby!


“Personally Speaking…” Chapter 7 – Natalie and Kevin Get Married

Arriving at Eastwood Park for my friends’ Natalie and Kevin’s wedding was a relief. Em and I were worried that we weren’t going to make it. We had got on the motorway and there were lots of signs saying long delays due to the bank holiday traffic. Thankfully the masses were heading south for the holiday so we didn’t get stuck. Meeting Bully (with his patriotic cufflinks) and his wife Laura outside we slowly filed in and met the rest of our friends. I had been ushered to an aisle seat so that I could get some shots, which thankfully I did. Kevin walked around and spoke to all the guests, as is his way, while we all waited for Natalie’s arrival. I’ve never known a man so easy to talk to; quite literally he can and will talk to anyone. Natalie is very much his equal in that regard, she is so friendly and down to earth and their daughter Sophie is just the prettiest little baby girl; they really are the nicest people you will ever meet. So it was no surprise that there were lots of friends and family there to share their special day. Kev was nervous but looked fairly calm and there was an excitement in the air that filled the room. As the doors closed at the back of the room and John, the toast master, took up his position to announce Natalie’s entrance, and as Kev and Dave (Kev’s best man) stood waiting at the front, we all fell silent with anticipation.

Here’s what happened :)

Eastwood park wedding groom
Eastwood park wedding best man
Nat Bride entering CeremonyWedding Ceremony Eastwood Park
Cat & Phillipa
Wedding Ceremony at Eastwood Park
Nat & Banners Wedding
Eastwood Park Wedding Ceremony
Eastwood Park Wedding Photography
Eastwood Park Wedding Guests
Cat & her Pint
Fun wedding formals
Wedding Dress by Victoria Withers
Eastwood Park Wedding
Eastwood Park Wedding Guests
Eastwood Park Wedding
Mother of the Bride
Wedding Speeches at Eastwood Park
Wedding Speeches
Couples at wedding
Jase & Cat
Barton :)
Ringo and Denzel
Ringo Trophy
Wedding Cake Eastwood Park
Nat's Wedding Bouquet
Cutting the Wedding Cake
Eastwood Park Wedding Photography
First Dance Wedding Eastwood Park
First Dance
Eastwood Park Wedding First Dance
Nat & Kev First Dance
Bride, Groom and Baby
First Dance Eastwood Park

CONGRATULATIONS Nat and Banners! We are so bally chuffed for you guys!


“Personally Speaking…” Chapter 6 – Nat and Banners Wedding

Yesterday (2nd June 2012) my good friends Natalie Wickens and Kevin Banfield (Banners) got married. It was an amazing day and Em and I are so pleased and excited for them. As I was still on a high from the day I got up early and quickly processed the below as a little teaser of what I shot (as a guest of course) on the day.

Eastwood Park Wedding

Congratulations Mr and Mrs Banfield. Well Chuffed For You!